About us

About us

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Hi there, we are Natascha and Gordon, a married couple in love with cooking!!!

We've been working in the food industry for a long time and we used to own a cafe' in Italy for many years.
After having spent a vacation in Texas, we asked ourselves: "Why don't we move to the United States and take with us the love we have for cooking ?"
And from that point on, everything begun......friends and family thought we were crazy but we had already made up our mind.
We fell in love with the United States and its people, hospitable and forthcoming. Our cuisine is a way to give them back what we received during our stay in Texas. 
Thank you
Our dream has become true!!


Our place

Let us cook for you the same way you would do at home. We offer a wide range of fine Italian food that we would be honored to prepare for you.